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Revisiting the mitogenomic phylogeny of Salmoninae : new insights thanks to recent sequencing advances [PeerJ]

Keywords : aquaculture, fisheries and fish science, biodiversity, evolutionary studies, molecular biology, zoology

par Frédéric Magné - publié le

The phylogeny of the Salmonidae family, the only living one of the Order Salmoniformes, remains still unclear because of several reasons. Such reasons include insufficient taxon sampling and/or DNA information. The use of complete mitochondrial genomes (mitogenomics) could provide some light on it, but despite the high number of mitogenomes of species belonging to this family published during last years, an integrative work containing all this information has not been done. In this work, the phylogeny of 46 Salmonidae species was inferred from their mitogenomic sequences.(...)

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