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Skin microbiota in frogs from the Brazilian Atlantic Forest : Species, forest type, and potential against pathogens [PLOS One]

Subject Areas : forests, amphibians, microbiome, bacteria, frogs, bacterial pathogens, fungal pathogens, sequence databases

par Frédéric Magné - publié le

The cutaneous microbiota of amphibians can be defined as a biological component of protection, since it can be composed of bacteria that produce antimicrobial compounds. Several factors influence skin microbial structure and it is possible that environmental variations are among one of these factors, perhaps through physical-chemical variations in the skin. This community, therefore, is likely modified in habitats in which some ecophysiological parameters are altered, as in fragmented forests. Our research goal was to compare the skin bacterial community of four anuran species of the Atlantic Forest of Brazil in landscapes from two different environments : continuous forest and fragmented forest.(...)

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