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Spatial and temporal variation in fish community structure and diversity in the largest tropical flood‐pulse system of South‐East Asia [Ecology of Freshwater Fish]

Peng Bun Ngor, Gaël Grenouillet, Sovan Lek

par Frédéric Magné - publié le

The Tonle Sap River and Lake (TSRL) is South‐East Asia’s largest tropical flood pulse with a flow‐reversal system that supports one of the world’s largest freshwater fisheries. However, among the world’s tropical floodplains, the resources of the TSRL have received little ecological research. Here, we described the spatiotemporal TSRL fish diversity and community variation using daily records from 2012 to 2015 on fish abundance from six sites covering the TSRL system. We found that high fish diversity occurred in sites located in the middle of Tonle Sap Lake, and the lowest diversity was observed in the southern section. The spatial abundance distribution patterns displayed a river–lake gradient, with three fish assemblages that were clustered based on their composition similarities and were characterised by 96 indicator species.(...)

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