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Species’ traits as predictors of range shifts under contemporary climate change : A review and meta-analysis [Global Change Biology]

Keywords : body size, diet breadth, fecundity, global change, habitat breadth, life history, range expansion

par Frédéric Magné - publié le , mis à jour le

A growing body of literature seeks to explain variation in range shifts using species’ ecological and life-history traits, with expectations that shifts should be greater in species with greater dispersal ability, reproductive potential, and ecological generalization. Despite strong theoretical support for species’ traits as predictors of range shifts, empirical evidence from contemporary range shift studies remains limited in extent and consensus. We conducted the first comprehensive review of species’ traits as predictors of range shifts, collecting results from 51 studies across multiple taxa encompassing over 11,000 species’ responses for 54 assemblages of taxonomically related species occurring together in space. We used studies of assemblages that directly compared geographic distributions sampled in the 20th century prior to climate change with resurveys of distributions after contemporary climate change and then tested whether species traits accounted for heterogeneity in range shifts.(...)

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