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Standardized Assessment of Biodiversity Trends in Tropical Forest Protected Areas : The End Is Not in Sight [Plos Biology]

Subject Areas : conservation science, forests, biodiversity, mammals, birds, species extinction, vertebrates, wildlife

par Frédéric Magné - publié le

Extinction rates in the Anthropocene are three orders of magnitude higher than background and disproportionately occur in the tropics, home of half the world’s species. Despite global efforts to combat tropical species extinctions, lack of high-quality, objective information on tropical biodiversity has hampered quantitative evaluation of conservation strategies. In particular, the scarcity of population-level monitoring in tropical forests has stymied assessment of biodiversity outcomes, such as the status and trends of animal populations in protected areas. Here, we evaluate occupancy trends for 511 populations of terrestrial mammals and birds, representing 244 species from 15 tropical forest protected areas on three continents.(...)

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