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Success of spatial statistics in determining underlying process in simulated plant communities [Journal of Ecology]

Keywords : coexistence mechanisms, determinants of plant community diversity and structure, environmental niche, heteromyopia, individual species–area relationship, Janzen–Connell, lottery model, neutral theory, point pattern, spatial Simpson index

par Frédéric Magné - publié le

1.Spatial statistics are widely used in studies of ecological processes in plant communities, especially to provide evidence of neutral or non-neutral mechanisms that might support species coexistence. The contribution of such statistics has been substantial, but their ability to identify any links between underlying processes and emergent patterns is not certain.
2.We investigate the ability of a number of spatial statistics to distinguish theorized mechanisms of species coexistence (spatial and temporal niche differentiation, neutrality, the Janzen–Connell effect and heteromyopia) in a simulated plant community.(...)

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