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Supporting local diversity of habitats and species on farmland : a comparison of three wildlife-friendly schemes [Journal of Applied Ecology]

Keywords : agri-environment schemes, bees, birds, butterflies, landscape heterogeneity, organic farming, plants, pollinators

par Frédéric Magné - publié le

Restoration and maintenance of habitat diversity have been suggested as conservation priorities in farmed landscapes, but how this should be achieved and at what scale are unclear. This study makes a novel comparison of the effectiveness of three wildlife-friendly farming schemes for supporting local habitat diversity and species richness on 12 farms in England.
The schemes were : (i) Conservation Grade (Conservation Grade : a prescriptive, non-organic, biodiversity-focused scheme), (ii) organic agriculture and (iii) a baseline of Entry Level Stewardship (Entry Level Stewardship : a flexible widespread government scheme).(...)

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