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Synergistic Ecoclimate Teleconnections from Forest Loss in Different Regions Structure Global Ecological Responses [PLOS One]

Subject Areas : forests, forest ecology, plant ecology, trees, theoretical ecology, climate change, North America, seasons

par Frédéric Magné - publié le

Forest loss in hotspots around the world impacts not only local climate where loss occurs, but also influences climate and vegetation in remote parts of the globe through ecoclimate teleconnections. The magnitude and mechanism of remote impacts likely depends on the location and distribution of forest loss hotspots, but the nature of these dependencies has not been investigated. We use global climate model simulations to estimate the distribution of ecologically-relevant climate changes resulting from forest loss in two hotspot regions : western North America (wNA), which is experiencing accelerated dieoff, and the Amazon basin, which is subject to high rates of deforestation. (....)

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