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Teaching genetics prior to teaching evolution improves evolution understanding but not acceptance [PLOS Biology]

Keywords : evolutionary genetics, genetics, teachers, human learning, schools, evolutionary theory, religion, Monte Carlo method

par Frédéric Magné - publié le

What is the best way to teach evolution ? As microevolution may be configured as a branch of genetics, it being a short conceptual leap from understanding the concepts of mutation and alleles (i.e., genetics) to allele frequency change (i.e., evolution), we hypothesised that learning genetics prior to evolution might improve student understanding of evolution. In the UK, genetics and evolution are typically taught to 14- to 16-y-old secondary school students as separate topics with few links, in no particular order and sometimes with a large time span between. Here, then, we report the results of a large trial into teaching order of evolution and genetics. We modified extant questionnaires to ascertain students’ understanding of evolution and genetics along with acceptance of evolution. Students were assessed prior to teaching, immediately post teaching and again after several months. Teachers were not instructed what to teach, just to teach in a given order.(...)

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