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The importance of biotic interactions for the prediction of macroinvertebrate communities under multiple stressors [Functional Ecology]

Keywords : community assembly, ecological traits, food web, mechanistic modelling, uncertainty

par Frédéric Magné - publié le

1.The community assembly of macroinvertebrates in streams depends on the regional taxon pool, dispersal limitations, local habitat conditions, and biotic interactions. By integrating existing knowledge about these processes from theoretical ecology in a mechanistic model, we can test our mechanistic understanding and disentangle multiple stressor effects on community assembly.
2.To assess to which degree we can predict the community composition of macroinvertebrates, we integrated these processes in the mechanistic food web model Streambugs and tested it on 36 sites in the Glatt catchment on the Swiss plateau. The model predicts the observation probability of taxa from a regional taxon pool at each site taking into account uncertain knowledge on parameters, environmental conditions at the sites, and sampling errors.(...)

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