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The importance of realistic dispersal models in planning for conservation : application of a novel modelling platform to evaluate management scenarios in an Afrotropical biodiversity hotspot [Journal of Applied Ecology]

Keywords : RangeShifter, Phyllastrephus cabanisi, fragmentation, dispersal, habitat network, connectivity, SEPM, conservation planning, demography, Eastern Arc Mountains

par Frédéric Magné - publié le

1.As biodiversity hotspots are often characterized by high human population densities, implementation of conservation management practices that focus only on the protection and enlargement of pristine habitats are potentially unrealistic. An alternative approach to curb species extinction risk involves improving connectivity among existing habitat patches. However, evaluation of spatially explicit management strategies is challenging, as predictive models must account for the process of dispersal, which is difficult both in terms of empirical data collection and modelling.
2.Here we use a novel, individual-based modelling platform that couples demographic and mechanistic dispersal models to evaluate the effectiveness of realistic management scenarios tailored to conserve forest birds in a highly fragmented biodiversity hotspot. Scenario performance is evaluated based on the spatial population dynamics of a well-studied forest bird species.(...)

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