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The influence of environmental factors on the upstream movements of rheophilic cyprinids according to their position in a river basin [Ecology of Freshwater Fish]

Keywords : behaviour, fish pass, holobiotic potamodromous, movement, spawning

par Frédéric Magné - publié le

Throughout their lives, fish accomplish frequent movements between functional habitats that are often triggered by environmental signals. We aimed to determine if rheophilic cyprinids (barbel, Barbus barbus and chub Squalius cephalus), living in different places of the same river basin, may develop similar movement periodicities and react identically to environmental cues to carry out their spawning migration. We used the capture data of three modern fish passes that were monitored continuously during three consecutive years (2010 to 2012) in three rivers of the Meuse basin in Belgium. We captured 418 individuals at adult stage, and the capture number per species was greater (80%) in spring (during the spawning migration period).(...)

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