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The shaping of human diversity : filters, boundaries and transitions [Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B]

Keywords : human evolution, modern human origins, African prehistory, dispersals, human evolutionary genetics, Holocene filter

par Frédéric Magné - publié le

The evolution of modern humans was a complex process, involving major changes in levels of diversity through time. The fossils and stone tools that record the spatial distribution of our species in the past form the backbone of our evolutionary history, and one that allows us to explore the different processes—cultural and biological—that acted to shape the evolution of different populations in the face of major climate change. Those processes created a complex palimpsest of similarities and differences, with outcomes that were at times accelerated by sharp demographic and geographical fluctuations. The result is that the population ancestral to all modern humans did not look or behave like people alive today. This has generated questions regarding the evolution of human universal characters, as well as the nature and timing of major evolutionary events in the history of Homo sapiens.(...)

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