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Trapped within the city : Integrating demography, time since isolation and population-specific traits to assess the genetic effects of urbanization [Molecular Ecology]

Keywords : Salamandra salamandra, genetic isolation, microsatellite, genetic drift, population effective size, demography

par Frédéric Magné - publié le

Urbanization is a severe form of habitat fragmentation that can cause many species to be locally extirpated and many others to become trapped and isolated within an urban matrix. The role of drift in reducing genetic diversity and increasing genetic differentiation is well recognized in urban populations. However, explicit incorporation and analysis of the demographic and temporal factors promoting drift in urban environments is poorly studied. Here, we genotyped 15 microsatellites in 320 fire salamanders from the historical city of Oviedo (Est. 8th century) to assess the effects of time since isolation, demographic history (historical effective population size ; Ne) and patch size on genetic diversity, population structure and contemporary Ne.(...)

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