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Twitter Predicts Citation Rates of Ecological Research [PLOS One]

Subject Areas : Twitter, altmetrics, social media, ecology, biogeography, conservation science, ecological selection, social research

par Frédéric Magné - publié le

The relationship between traditional metrics of research impact (e.g., number of citations) and alternative metrics (altmetrics) such as Twitter activity are of great interest, but remain imprecisely quantified. We used generalized linear mixed modeling to estimate the relative effects of Twitter activity, journal impact factor, and time since publication on Web of Science citation rates of 1,599 primary research articles from 20 ecology journals published from 2012–2014. We found a strong positive relationship between Twitter activity (i.e., the number of unique tweets about an article) and number of citations. Twitter activity was a more important predictor of citation rates than 5-year journal impact factor. Moreover, Twitter activity was not driven by journal impact factor ; the ‘highest-impact’ journals were not necessarily the most discussed online.(...)

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