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Using a trait-based approach to measure the impact of dam closure in fish communities of a Neotropical River [Ecology of Freshwater Fish]

Keywords : biomonitoring, damming, fishes, functional diversity, traits, tropical river

par Frédéric Magné - publié le

Damming is one of the main causes of the global decline in freshwater biodiversity. Yet, many hydroelectric dams are being built (or planned) in the Neotropics, where the high species diversity and lack of basic ecological knowledge provide a major obstacle to understanding the effects of this environmental change, which has been mostly described from the perspective of taxonomic change. However, this approach does not account for biological function. Trait-based analysis provides an alternative approach to bioassessment. We assessed the impact of dam closure on the functional structure of fish communities of a Neotropical river by applying trait-based analyses to the response of individual traits aggregated at the assemblage level.(...)

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