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Vacher Jean-Pierre


PhD Student

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PhD title :’Diversity and biogeography of anuran amphibians of the Guiana Shield, with a focus on the genus Anomaloglossus

Supervisors :

Christophe Thébaud

Antoine Fouquet

Main research goals :

(1) studying the cryptic speciation within frogs of the Guiana Shield by inferring the phylogenetic relationships and the divergence time of the main lineages

(2) estimating the endemism and turn over rates within the Guiana Shield with molecular data (mtDNA) to define the proportion of in situ vs. ex-situ lineages

(3) Evolution history, evolution of life history traits, and biogeographical history of the genus Anomaloglossus.

You can find here a little video where I present the project and a bit of field work. My project is funded by the Labex CEBA.

Publications :

2. Vacher J.-P. , Fouquet A., Holota H., Thébaud C. (2016). The complete mitochondrial genome of Anomaloglossus baeobatrachus (Amphibia : Anura : Aromobatidae). Mitochondrial DNA Part B : Ressources 1(1) : 400-402.

1. Fouquet A., Orrico V.G.D., Ernst R., Blanc M., Martinez Q., Vacher J.-P. , Rodrigues M.T., Ouboter P., Jairam R., Ron S. (2015). A new Dendropsophus Fitzinger, 1843 (Anura : Hylidae) of the parviceps group from the lowlands of the Guiana Shield. Zootaxa 4052 (1) : 39-64.

Complete mitogenome of Anomaloglossus baeobatrachus
Complete mitogenome of Anomaloglossus baeobatrachus
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