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Wolbachia Associations with Insects : Winning or Losing Against a Master Manipulator [Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution]

Keywords : Wolbachia, conflict of interest, cytoplasmic genomes, mutualism, parasitism

par Frédéric Magné - publié le

Wolbachia are intracellular, maternally inherited bacteria with an impressive history of adaptation to intracellular lifestyles. Instead of adapting to a single host lineage, Wolbachia evolved ways to jump across host species and establish relatively stable associations maintained through vertical transmission. Wolbachia are capable of manipulating the reproduction of infected hosts in a remarkable way. Traditionally, such reproductive manipulations have been regarded as the general mechanism by which Wolbachia spread through host populations. Recent evidence suggests that Wolbachia-host interactions are more complex than previously thought and may be driven by the onset and resolution of conflicts of interest.(...)

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