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Zinger Lucie


Post doc, UPS

Icone contact Email

Icone telephone +33 561 556 758

Research Interests

I am a molecular microbial ecologist interested in the mechanisms shaping microbial assemblages. I’m also interested in microbial communities interactions with "macrobes", their influence on ecosystem functioning and their response to global changes. To address these questions, I study different microbial systems (mainly bacterial and fungal communities), environments (marine ecosystems, alpine and tropical soils, various hosts) and at different spatial scales, by making (mainly) use of NGS techniques. I’m therefore also interested in molecular biology and bioinformatics.

Ongoing Project

I’m currently funded by the labex CEBA. Our current main project is twofold (i) providing a time/cost-effective and comprehensive description of tropical diversity using environmental DNA (metabarcoding) and (ii) documenting and understanding patterns of diversity of the whole soil biota in tropical environments.


Kocher A, Gantier JC, Gaborit P, Zinger L, Holota H, Valière S, Dusfour I, Girod R, Banuls AL, Murienne J (in press) Vector soup : high-throughput identification of neotropical phlebotomine sand flies using metabarcoding, Molecular Ecology Resources.

Pornon A, Escaravage N, Burrus M, Holota H, Khimoun A, Mariette J, Pellazari C, Iribar A, Etienne R, Taberlet P, Vidal M, Winterton P, Zinger L, Andalo C (in press) Using metabarcoding to reveal and quantify plant-pollinator interactions. Scientific Reports.

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Book Chapters and Dissertation

Murienne J, Morlon H, Barbier N, Réjou-Méchain M, Zinger L (in press). Un concentré de biodiversité. In Forget P-M, Hossaert-McKey M, Poncy O (Eds) Ecologie tropicale : de l’ombre à la lumière. CNRS/Le Cherche Midi

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Zinger L (2009) : Variations spatio-temporelles de la microflore des sols alpins. PhD dissertation, Université Joseph Fourier. tel-00421411.